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Annales Zoologici Fennici is an established, international, peer-reviewed journal, open to all scientists, appearing online only. It was founded in 1964 by Societas Biologica Fennica Vanamo replacing its predecessor which had been published between 1932 and 1963. Between 1978 and 1994 it was published by the Finnish Zoological Publishing Board, and since 1994 by the Finnish Zoological and Botanical Publishing Board. The journal is sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Annales Zoologici Fennici publishes mainly original research reports, but also in-depth reviews and commentaries on all aspects of animal ecology and evolution, and fields related to them. Our aim is to promote papers which focus on the interactions among various components in the past and present environments by using integrative and cross-disciplinary approaches. This may be achieved by employing tools from different fields of research, such as (but not restricted to):

  • ecology and paleoecology,
  • molecular ecology and phylogeography,
  • conservation biology, human-induced contemporary evolution and wildlife management,
  • animal behaviour and interactions (including recognition systems and mechanisms),
  • paleontology (except systematics and taxonomy) and evolution,
  • bioenergetics.
  • Papers on all aspects of insects and other terrestrial arthropods (incl. taxonomy and systematics) are also welcome. Taxonomic and/or genome studies of other than aforementioned animal groups are not considered.

We also encourage submissions of articles on research methodology that present and/or discuss methods of data gathering and processing, interpretation of the results through statistical testing, and philosophical issues related to the natural sciences. Both theoretical and empirical works are warmly welcome.

PLEASE NOTE that purely descriptive, morphometric, correlative and biogeographic (predictive modelling or correlative approach) studies, faunistic notes (incl. new records), papers on numerical taxonomy, insect parasites, pests and their control, as well as studies of restricted geographical or taxonomic interest are not considered unless they address generally important research questions. We also discourage submitting papers presenting environmental studies based on proxies (such as e.g., elevation, location) rather than on in-situ measured environmental variables (such as e.g., temperature, precipitation).

There is no page charge in Annales Zoologici Fennici. Also colour illustrations are published free of charge.

OPEN ACCESS POLICY: Papers based on research funded by public grants provided by Finnish institutions, will be published open access (PDF format) at at no cost to their authors. Other papers can be published open access at for a fee of 600 euros.

Vol. 61
[see also vol. 60]

Bouzan, R. S., Means, J. C., Ivanov, K., Brescovit, A. D. & Iniesta, L. F. M. 2024: Tupadesmus (Polydesmida, Chelodesmidae) and T. muyrakyta, a new millipede genus and species from the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, with a checklist of the Chelodesmidae of Pará State. — Ann. Zool. Fennici 61: 1–14. []
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