Evaluation procedure

All submitted manuscripts are first scrutinised by the editor. This includes verification whether an article is original and previously unpublished, fulfils our requirements presented in the instructions to authors, the subject is within the scope of the journal, the introduction sufficiently presents the background for the study and research objectives, description of the methods used is sufficient, data valid, and the results sound considering the methods and data used.

Papers deemed suitable for publication are sent to unbiased experts (most often two) for evaluation. Exceptionally, a member of the journal's advisory/editorial board may also act as a reviewer. Identities of the reviewers are kept confidential unless they specifically state that they do not wish to remain anonymous. However, identities of the authors are made known to reviewers.

Knowledge about the existence of a manuscript under consideration and its content is restricted to the editorial staff and assigned reviewers only, and full confidentiality is maintained throughout the evaluation process. Final decisions regarding a manuscript's acceptance or rejection are made by the editor-in-chief based on the evaluations.

Manuscripts whose subjects are outside the scope of the journal or do not fulfil our above-mentioned requirements are returned without consideration.