Acta Zoologica Fennica 206, 1997

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Kaila, L. 1997: A revision of the Nearctic species of Elachista s. l. II. The argentella group (Lepidoptera, Elachistidae). — Acta Zool. Fennica 206.

The Elachista argentella group (Lepidoptera, Elachistidae) is redefined. The Nearctic species of the group are described and illustrated, with keys for both the males and the females. 42 species are recognised to occur in the Nearctic region, including the following 25 species described as new: Elachista achrantella (Colorado), E. adianta (Colorado), E. anagna (Arizona), E. aphyodes (Utah), E. apina (British Columbia), E. arena (Nevada), E. argillacea (California), E. aspila (Washington), E. conidia (California), E. dissona (Colorado), E. granosa (Arizona), E. inopina (California), E. ischnella (Texas), E. lomionella (Massachusetts), E. loriella (Arizona), E. louisella (California), E. lurida (California), E. nubila (Arizona), E. nucula (Colorado), E. ossuaria (Alberta), E. perniva (Wyoming), E. scobifera (Arizona), E. sabulella (California), E. thelma (California) and E. triangulifera (Oregon). Elachista purissima Braun is considered a junior synonym of E. epimicta Braun, syn. n.; E. subalbidella Schläger (= E. hiberna Braun, syn. n.) is considered Holarctic. Elachista virgatula is proposed as a replacement name for the preoccupied Elachista albella (Chambers). Neotypes are designated for Laverna albella Chambers and Phigalia albella Chambers. A lectotype is designated for Elachista griseicornis Meyrick. Elachista parvipulvella Chambers is removed from Elachistidae.