Copyright Statement

Author(s) of an accepted article transfers the full copyright ownership (including that of illustrations) to the Finnish Zoological and Botanical Publishing Board (henceforth the Board), so that the article can be copyrighted from now on under the name of the Board and published by the Board in any available form.

The author(s) warrants that the article (including the illustrations) is an original work, not published, scheduled to be published, posted on the web, or submitted elsewhere in whole or in part (with exclusion of an abstract), and that the author(s) has full authority to make this grant. The author(s) also warrants that if a part(s) of the article has been previously published elsewhere, permission(s) allowing publication of the respective material in our journal has been obtained, and an appropriate statement(s) mentioning the original source(s) has been added to the text where needed. Copy(ies) of permission(s) should preferably be submitted with the manuscript or at the latest provided upon acceptance.

Permission issued by the Board must be obtained by third parties wishing to reproduce figures, tables and/or substantial parts of text from articles published in the journal. In a new publication an appropriate acknowledgement(s) should be placed.

The Board will allow the author(s) to reproduce or re-use parts of their original material without permission. If, however, the author(s) wishes to include the entire article in another publication, a separate permission issued by the Board should be obtained. In a new publication an appropriate acknowledgement(s) should be placed. The Board assumes that such a publication will not be commercially distributed (sold); otherwise a financial compensation for reproducing the article(s) may apply.

Transferring the copyrights to the Board will not render any royalty or any other financial compensation.